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Outdoor Showers and Garden Taps

August 4, 2023|Comments Off on Outdoor Showers and Garden Taps

A collection of OUTDOOR SHOWERS and GARDEN TAPS from NO.BA Studio. Showers in stainless steel that resist to external [...]

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Tiles for the open air

July 21, 2023|Comments Off on Tiles for the open air

Tiles for the open air is a selection of concrets, woods and stones, made in gres porcelain, dedicated to outdoor [...]

Bespoke Kitchen Island

April 20, 2023|Comments Off on Bespoke Kitchen Island

An almost 5 meters long and 110 cm wide, bespoke kitchen island made og Travertine feels very much home now. The renovation is finally over and [...]

The Concrete wall covering

February 14, 2023|Comments Off on The Concrete wall covering

A new way to clad your walls... A new and evolved form of having concrete. It is a material for architecture and design, suitable [...]

Mare and Catino

January 31, 2023|Comments Off on Mare and Catino

Mare and Catino:  the new addition to Cielo's collection of wall hung toilets. Both available in colors of  "le terre di cielo",  "le acque di cielo" [...]


January 4, 2023|Comments Off on Strandvejskvarteret

…in the eastern part of Copenhagen, near Svanemøllen train station, there is a townhouse area called Strandvejskvarteret. It is also known as “The [...]

Lenes Hus

December 19, 2022|Comments Off on Lenes Hus

In close collaboration with designer Lene Halse and Multiform Copenhagen have we developed draft for this gorgeous house North of the city. We have and supplied [...]

Wall-hung toilets

November 24, 2022|Comments Off on Wall-hung toilets

Our wall-hung toilets: Smile Era Le Giare Shui Comfort Catino (NEW ) #nordicbathroomdesign - We follow your project on each [...]

Le Giare

October 27, 2022|Comments Off on Le Giare

Le Giare - a complete bathroom collection designed by Claudio Silvestrin. Sinuous design, austere but not extreme, contemporary, elegant but without ostentatious, suitable for [...]

Outdoor sauna

October 17, 2022|Comments Off on Outdoor sauna

The outdoor sauna is available in two different models to meet the needs of modern-day living: - Garden is designed for gardens and green spaces, - Terrace is ideal [...]

Integrated Induction Cooking System

July 7, 2022|Comments Off on Integrated Induction Cooking System

The revolutionary cooktop that frees up space, because when it’s switched off you can’t see it. What, at a first sight, looks like [...]

Wood Flooring from Listone Giordano

June 27, 2022|Comments Off on Wood Flooring from Listone Giordano

We are proud to present a truly exclusive product. 1. An inimitable wood flooring dedicated to all those who love the quality of [...]

Barcelona: renovated house

June 14, 2022|Comments Off on Barcelona: renovated house

Surrounded by the hills of Cirers and Montcabrer, among abundant forests of pines and holm oaks there lies a newly renovated house. NO.BA [...]

  • NO.BA Studio at 3 Days Of Design 2023

3 Days of Design

June 13, 2022|Comments Off on 3 Days of Design

We invite you to join us at "3 Days Of Design". Together with our partners – Dornbracht – the leading supplier of  high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets - we [...]

3 Years Recap

May 27, 2022|Comments Off on 3 Years Recap

We celebrate 3 years anniversary. We thank you - our followers and our customers - for your interest and trust in our projects within Nordic [...]