Kaningårdvej: functionality and esthetics

April 12, 2022|Comments Off on Kaningårdvej: functionality and esthetics

Bathroom... is where the spirit of design reaches its triumph, engaging both functionality and esthetics. This elegant project has been delivered by NO.BA Studio in collaboration with Norm Architects using [...]

Handcrafted bathroom products

April 5, 2022|Comments Off on Handcrafted bathroom products

New series of handcrafted bathroom products with lots of options - from Inbani in a soft design by Norm Architects Sinks – in [...]

Summer house sanitary supply

April 4, 2022|Comments Off on Summer house sanitary supply

Take a look inside to see Danish "hygge" reinforced by our sanitary supply for cosy summer houses by Live Klein exhibited at Utzon Center recently. NO.BA Studio [...]

Bespoke products for an exclusive project

April 1, 2022|Comments Off on Bespoke products for an exclusive project

We have once again supplied tiles and bespoke products for an exclusive project designed by NORM architects ? Bespoke stone washbasins and wooden cabinet with front in natural [...]


March 1, 2022|Comments Off on Fireplace

In collaboration with NORM Architects have NO.BA Studio created this beautiful fireplace. ? “Vigi House” has been acknowledged to be one of the best interior design projects [...]

Glass solutions: #1 – Fluted Glass

January 10, 2022|Comments Off on Glass solutions: #1 – Fluted Glass

NO.BA Studio is excited to introduce new series of our glass solutions ! On this first edition, we present the new SUIT [...]

Invisible Cooking

December 20, 2021|Comments Off on Invisible Cooking

More info: New invisible induction cooking system born from a matching process of Material and Technology - Cooking Surface Prime. Aesthetics. [...]

Humleby: a heart of Copenhagen

August 20, 2021|Comments Off on Humleby: a heart of Copenhagen

In the very heart of Copenhagen - between Istedgade's vibrant life and Carlsberg Byen, is a townhouse neighborhood called Humleby, which was [...]


September 28, 2020|Comments Off on Elements

ELEMENTS is about making pre-designed installation walls, benches, shelves, bathtubs and sinks of bespoke dimensions that must subsequently be finished. Finishing might consist [...]