Wall-hung toilets

November 24, 2022|Comments Off on Wall-hung toilets

Our wall-hung toilets: Smile Era Le Giare Shui Comfort Catino (NEW ) #nordicbathroomdesign - We follow your project on each [...]

Le Giare

October 27, 2022|Comments Off on Le Giare

Le Giare - a complete bathroom collection designed by Claudio Silvestrin. Sinuous design, austere but not extreme, contemporary, elegant but without ostentatious, suitable for [...]

Outdoor sauna

October 17, 2022|Comments Off on Outdoor sauna

The outdoor sauna is available in two different models to meet the needs of modern-day living: - Garden is designed for gardens and green spaces, - Terrace is ideal [...]

Integrated Induction Cooking System

July 7, 2022|Comments Off on Integrated Induction Cooking System

The revolutionary cooktop that frees up space, because when it’s switched off you can’t see it. What, at a first sight, looks like [...]

Wood Flooring from Listone Giordano

June 27, 2022|Comments Off on Wood Flooring from Listone Giordano

We are proud to present a truly exclusive product. 1. An inimitable wood flooring dedicated to all those who love the quality of [...]

Summer house sanitary supply

April 4, 2022|Comments Off on Summer house sanitary supply

Take a look inside to see Danish "hygge" reinforced by our sanitary supply for cosy summer houses by Live Klein exhibited at Utzon Center recently. NO.BA Studio [...]